In Europe, we are really in trouble. What is really wrong with us?

I read a lot of Joseph Conrad. I would call myself a bit of a fanboy of mr. Conrad. His deep insight into human nature, his humanistic yet clearsighted view on things, his metaphysical stance. He is the best writer ever.

He has this bit of wisdom for us. He says in his book Almayers Folly, that we are not so different from the so-called “uncivilised” parts of humanity. This was written 150 years ago, so the terms are not exactly politically correct, but it has a point. Here is the quote:

“Their hearts—like ours—must endure the load of the gifts from Heaven: the curse of facts and the blessing of illusions, the bitterness of our wisdom and the deceptive consolation of our folly.”

His point is, that we as they are wont to accept the mere facts and wisdom, preferring folly and the blessings of illusion.

This is the problem. We have made the illusion, that multiculturalism is good, and that there are not any problems with either mass migration or Islam.

We have to shed these illusions if we are to arm ourselves with ammunition to tackle the problems we have.

We have to realise, that multiculturalism is not a viable creed, and there are problems with Islam.

If we begin there; with the mere facts, we have a chance. In fact, this is really the true mark of civilisation. Do we accept what is true, or do we hide behind the illusions?

Pulling down illusions are a painful task. Illusions are blissful. Only the brave will be able to do that.

Nevertheless, if you do, with a humane heart, as Joseph Conrad, you truly have the ability to surge as a people and as a nation.

That is what the enlighteners are for.

G-d bless the willingness to listen to truth.

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