It is pretty clear that the UK is on a good course. Thank you mr. Trump, you just saved the UK from a depressing situation.

This is huge in its implications. The new international bloq of the former British sovereign nations of Australia, New Zealand and the US is really a huge strengthening of Anglo Saxon power.

This will eventually become the strongest power on earth. It will, naturally, not be an empire, but a looser confederation of equal powers.

We did it! Turned the collapse and destruction of the English empire into a new a bright beginning. Well done mr. Johnson, Oxford compliments you from its deepest recesses.

As things looked bleakest, we did turn the boat and now we are heading for a brighter future. Just imagine the possibilities in areas of commerce, science, culture, the list goes on. The old school opened its deepest gates to unleash a devastating blast of energy to turn the boat around. You did it Boris, as a champion of said school. A modern Harry Potter, just a bit more grown, but still with that much of magic!

G-d bless the United Kingdom and may it live another thousand years.

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