As Joseph Conrad says, we all share the problem of liking the illusions. To save Europe, we need to come clear on certain things. This is a painful process, but if the democratic nations do not do it, other more sinister powers will do it in their stead.

Enlightenment is the saviour. You cannot be humanistic, if you are not honest.

The fact of the matter is that in Europe, that we have a huge diaspora of malcontents in the large cities. Especially in the west. These malcontents are often sucked up by radical islam, and see it as their mission to uphold some kind on ancient version of Islam.

That is the fact.

The fact is, unfortunately also, that they strive to do it with such horrendous means, that we have almost forgot how these things work. They must have read all the dark pages of the Koran, and settled at a Moses like fight against polytheist. Slaying the infidels.

Well, this is the 21 century, and we are trying to be more civilised and controlled in our behaviour. Such things are not welcome in a modern humane state.

What numbers are we looking at? There is of course different calculation, but unfortunately the numbers are large, and they are getting larger. We are talking about numbers up to 80% of the muslim migrants who seek to empower the sharia law above democratic law.

These people are against the liberal democracy.

What do we do about them?

We need to isolate them, and protect the democratic state against them.

That is the current difficult situation. We are not willing to do that, although that is the endgame. However, terrible it is, this is the task.

This means, that we need to think about borders. Internally in the cities and in around or nation states.

This is not the best cup of tea for the EU, but that is necessary, whether we want it or not.

So we should start doing that. Prepare for a separation of those who truly believe in democracy, and those against.

G-d bless the willingness to be true, even though it hurts.

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