When I first started blogging, I had a long kind of communication with mr. Putin. We so happen to share the same ideas of faith, and we share the fight for a rebirth of religion.

This fight is as vivid in Denmark as it is in Russia. But different in Denmark, because here I am sorely persecuted and held accountable for terrible deeds I have not done. In the name of communism, multiculturalism or whatever it is.

I am not. I fight for G-d, so that we may have faith again. Not that I wish a crusade. I do not. But I wish people to believe in G-d. That is the endgame for me. Nothing more, nothing less. I have devoted my entire career to that end goal, and boy have I paid. My family pays, my economy pays, everything pays, but I do not give up, because I believe that having faith again is what will save Denmark, the world, and mankind in general.

So this is what mr. Putin is trying to do. Rekindle the faith of Russia, making Russia strong and whole again, after many years of non faith.

The Easter Orthodox Church is a beautiful, old and very deep church with the touch of Viking mentality. They are equally strong in the faith as well. Dont forget that.

Russia is called the great bear due to a reason. If left alone, it will sleep in its cave, and not bother anyone, but beware when it is awaked. If it is, it is immensely strong, and it just fights on, and on, and on. As Napoleon realised as Hitler realised. Never attack Russia.

Now, Communism was the philosophical foundation of Russia after the first World War. It brought it good things, but the ethical foundation was not strong enough. And the Russians wanted a more modern and sound system. So they went back to their roots. They still are finding out who they are.

This is where the fascination of Scandinavia comes to play. Because it all started in Ukraine, the first Rus. Viking warriors who came from Sweden and Denmark, settled in a foreign land, and started trading from there.

After a lot of fighting, it has become the land of the Rus, Russia or in Danish; Rusland.

The way to make friends with them, is to treat them as equals. Respect them, and understand them as they are. An ancient Viking nation with a Christian faith on top of it and a vast territory to bear.

Do not turn them into enemies, but understand, that they are also migrants, as the US. They were just the first wave, whereas you were the second. You have many of the same problems and challenges, but essentially you are very much the same.

What I do believe is important though, is to respect the worry of Eastern Europe. They have recently come out of the shadow of the cold war, and they need reassurances. That is very important, that they feel part of the deal as well. So talk to the Poles, the Chechs, the Lithuanian, hear them out. These are your allies.

Please settle for a deal that will leave both parties feel that they got the best of it. However, see it not as a deal for the US, but for Eastern Europe. If you support them, the standing of the US will increase in the world, because the US will be seen as benefactors to their allies. Very important.

Then just be fair, as in all business, fairness is what makes a deal work for the long haul. Customers that come back again and again, are what really makes your business expand.

The same applies to international diplomacy, aim at a deal that will make more countries make deals with you. Be honest, think of the long game and not the short game.

The long game being the expansion of the values you all share.

G-d bless the will to make a good, serious deal.

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