Well, now I have been doing some practical, live world research and bridge building when it comes to Climate Change, the religious aspects of progressing at a path ALONG science and not against it. That is NOT against physics that is the main contender to the monotheistic religions and the result is actually extremely, extremely positive.

It really is surprising as to the theoretical success I have had. But it is on such a convoluted and DEMANDING basis, that it definitely will take some time to realise.

First of all, my main idea with religion as to the competition it has with science, was to make a BRIDGE between religion and science.

The hypothesis was, that IF we from the religious community can make a theory, that elevates the ideas we have to a true METAphysical platform, people might actually start to take us seriously again.

Denmark is ideally suited for this, because we essentially made modern science. At least the greatest minds of Denmark did, mainly Niels Bohr, and at the same time, IN Denmark there has never really been a true split between science and religion. Niels Bohrs best friend was a theologian called Løgstrup, and Bohr himself was of a family of priests. Bohr also sported his own version of a chinese philosophy, that people haven’t really understood after Bohr, but the fact of the matter was, that Bohr was a religious man.

So what has actually happened when I started to work on all my religious/physical theories in practise?

Well, from a practical perspective it has all failed. Mainly due to the fact, that the left wing here in Denmark seems to dislike me some, and because what they decided to do (they have been in power for two years) was to initiate a maelstrom of destruction instead of making any real progress. A destruction that is taking them down as we speak.

They started out killing a whole industry here in Denmark. The Mink industry, that is, admittedly, an industry that can be questioned in terms of animal ethics. But what they have done is to use the military to KILL all the poor animals, and render the whole industry void, thereby taking out the meals of the mouths of countless mink farmers. It has been total devastation and numerous mink farmers have committed suicide, image that IN DENMARK! We are supposed to be the epitome of civilization.

It is beyond comprehension and is a true crime against innocent people, and they will, eventually fall because of the ferocious actions they have. They send the military after farmers!

On the other hand, my own experience concerning my work has been stupendously successful.

Like this. So I started interviewing all the physical geeks. A guy making a system that can turn cars into running on wind power alone, through a complicated chemical procedure, you can actually make fuel that runs on wind power. All you need to do, is to change a computer calibration of the motors specifications and you can run on green methanol made with wind or solar power. How cool is that?

Add to this the ability to take all the garbage of the farmers and turn it into green gas that you can then use in power plants or cars!

So the first time I met one of the green geeks, I kind of wanted to make my intentions known, so I told him, that I am a metaphysician, and I have proved the existence of G-d. He looked at me pretty incredulously. Ok I admit, I kind of had my own little reversed Nietszche moment there, instead of killing G-d og revived him.

But then something absolutely magical happened. The physicist started to warm up to my ideas!

Instead of debunking them as stupid a hoax, they loved my ideas.

So I sent one friend I got my papers from Oxford. And he started raving about how cool it is.

So the physicist loved my metaphysical ideas.

So while the whole left wing here in Denmark were busy slaughtering up to 15 million animals, rendering the poor farmers obsolete, I had a true metaphysical/physical heureka moment.

So I can say, that my ideas actually work on a scientific level. The physicists of Denmark are world leading.

Anyway where does that leave the religious communities?

First of all, it leaves the task to relive metaphysics. Reinvent and make it alive again as a scientific course.

THAT is the true challenge to my mind. Because religious people in general are really deep in their understanding of things, but a true metaphysical tradition really died with the dark ages in Europe.

Reviving it from the greek roots is what we need to do.

I know that there is a lot of discussion as to whether the greek ideas are the best, but we have to start somewhere, yes I know that in Kaballah there is a whole metaphysical universe, but the fact of the matter is, that the scientist are running on the greek ideas, and they have surpassed us in the depth of knowledge and in methodical application. That is the truth of it.

IF we are able to make a link to the physical environment of scientists, we can start from there and make that connection that will eventually elevate the religious community to a whole new level.

But it will be difficult, because the scientists are so far in front of us.

What we need to do is, to REMAKE METAPHYSICS as a line of scientific inquiry.

Did you get the Brian?

That is truly the task, and it falls on Oxford or Cambridge to do it, because Oxford and Cambridge are the world leaders with religious studies, as while Denmark is leading with physical studies.

So the bridge is there, it is extremely weak, could be broken any time, but it is there.

That would be the crowning task of your life mr. Mountford, to remake metaphysics after a dormant period of 1700 years. Imagine that.

G-d bless the will to make G-d live again.

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