Mr. Netanyahu

July 4th, 2024

There is this discussion on Netanyahu and his “Messianic” zeal.

I have been friends with Bibi for many years, we did a lot of collaboration in his first tenure.

So he is a friend.

Yet it’s true, there is some kind of amiable competition. In a sense that is fine, I mean, Benyamin Netanyahu has been elected PM of Israel, I am just a blogger philosopher. So of cause in all earnestly Bibi HAS the leadership.

Yet, Bibi is no king. A king is a rockstar.

Like David, he was both a musician and a king. And Solomon who was a magician and a king.

That is how kings are.

Netanyahu, with all his qualities, he is the most skilled politician in his generation, is a politician. This means, that he has qualities that are important for a politician.

He is brilliant, when it comes to gathering coalitions, he is extremely intelligent and he loves Israel with all his heart. He is the best we have right now.

There is a lot of movement, politically, within the right wing. Mr. Smotrich has adopted some of my ideas, Mr. Lieberman is inspired by Mr. Wilders, that is working with complex of policies that I made. So there is a lot of movement towards my ideas.

This does not mean, that I will crowned tomorrow, but it does mean, that my claim at kingship is strengthened.

In the best of worlds, BOTH me and Bibi will work on the affairs of Israel, and honestly Benyamin, who cares who is king?

Yes, there is a lot of honor in it, even immortality.

But at the end of the day, what is important is ISRAEL, we are ONLY servants to our country.

G-d bless the will to find peace in and around Israel. G-d bless our country.

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