July 4th, 2024

I believe, that mirroring the idea of paradise seen from a western perspective with the idea of paradise from an Indian perspective will tell us a lot about our own striving.

Indians have an idea of an afterlife called Brahman or Atman (according to Grønbech). This paradise is very different from a western or European perspective. Where we in the West seek to realize paradise on earth, through trying to follow and build ideal societies, Indians believe, that when we pass away we end up in paradise.

The Indian paradise is paradise because it satisfies all our needs at once, and that we are not living in any kind of pain.

The Indian analysis of our suffering is quite sharp. According to the Upanishads we are limited by what we need. We need a wife, a house a good job. If we do not get what we need, we will be unhappy. In this we are controlled by our needs.

The reality is so coincidental, that the chance we either go wrong in our needs or do not meet them, are so great, that even trying is foolish.

Yet as technology progress, the chance for us all to get the most basic needs met are greater and greater. In essence, as we have learned to harness the energy of the sun, we get to be in a position where this energy makes it much more easy to live.

Take a tractor, one tractor work for a hundred people.

This releases a lot of people to do other things.

This material wealth is the basis we CAN stand upon to make an Eden HERE on earth. It comes down to our ability to organize our world, so that we are actually in a position to, realistically, achieve the goals in our lives. A nice spouse, a good job, a house to raise our kids, a community to support us.

This is really what politics is about, to make that system, that makes this possible.

Sound families, in sound towns, in sound countries.

We have the means, and as the world progresses, in the end all of humanity will have this opportunity.

G-d bless the will to create a dream for all of humanity to live.

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