Mr. Trump

Well, I think that the big question about mr. Trump is; does he or does he not listen to a Democratic perspective?

First of all, mr. Trump is extremely new to the political game. So we cannot expect him to be professional in the sense that we would normally expect from an insider. He is doing things his own way.

In essence, he has had a huge business empire for as long as he can remember. This empire was his, and he could, do whatever he wanted.

That is the way it is to be an owner of a business. Business is not democratic in any way, but much more aristocratic. In a sense.

Now parliament is different. Here we shuffle ideas back and forth and reach a compromise at the end. We wait for the other side to make his case and so on.

In a way, it is refreshing that mr. Trump does not know how to do things, he just does it his way. That is acting, acting, acting.

It ruffles our feathers, but, hey, why not turn it the other way around, and ask ourselves; is it good with all this talk and very little action? I mean, there is a reason why the electorate is so tired of us, because of exactly that; the gridlock. Not doing anything.

Maybe WE should be a little open to what mr. Trump is doing, and play along constructively.

I mean, at least he listens to me.

What I have done in the past with mr. Netanyahu, whom I have a very good relationship with, is to help, guide, be at service, but then, if there is something that is really important to me, I make it very clear. Like when Israel almost send in the entire army to quell the third intifada. This was too much, and it was counterproductive to the fight against IS.

This he listened to, and it actually paid off in a support from Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

My feeling is, that it is the same with mr. Trump. He likes having an opinion presented, then he thinks about it, and makes his own conclusion, which is what he is supposed to do.

One example is the waterboarding procedure. That is torture. This is wrong, and a case that I have spoken up about, actually together with numerous republican senators.

This is a case, I believe we should make, and do.

There is a lot of hysteria regarding some of the issues he presents. These illegitimate methods will get os nowhere. Honestly it is just blackmailing, and we should be above that. Nonetheless, honest discussion and a fair critical stance will get us somewhere.

We have a country to take care of. That is much more important than our feelings. We should rise above our feelings, and enter a solid and honest discussion.

Then, if mr. Trump does not listen. We should start pushing against him. Nevertheless, we need to give him a chance, he is one of us, remember? We could get along, if we just kept our heads clear.

G-d bless the willingness to be honest and constructive.

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