In the second world war, and in most other parts of history, Jews have, stoically, accepted their fate.

When Hitler reigned, and cursed the earth with his despicable actions, most people accepted it. Afterwards, everybody was simply horrified, but in the time, they were silent.

This time we have a state. If there is any meaning in having a state. Then it should, at least, give its full support for mr. Finn Rudaizky in his trial with the Danish system of persecution.

This is where it all starts, right? If they can get away with persecuting the first Jew (me, remember), they will continue to the next.

I understand that I am a difficult character, but mr. Finn Rudaizky is a respected former head of the Mosaic believers.

Instead of running away, we should fight. Not just accept our fate, but stand up for Jews, as they are persecuted by European states, in a collaboration with disgusting islamic state members.

Finn had this trial thrown at him, because he deliberately leaked to the press, that the city council had looked the other way, as the perpetrator was entering a jihadi lifestyle.

So they think that is very important. Finn did this, because another Jew was murdered.

It is equally clear to what lengths the state is willing to go, to make things look legitimate.

They are always trying to bend the rules, but still stay within the rules. So as to make it look acceptable.

Is that a trend we know? Making a brave face of legitimately while trying to “get the Jew”?

Disgusting, but I will not let this case go through without some light shone upon it.

G-d bless the willingness to defend Jews despite the cost of public ridicule.

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