DuskyDolphinThere is a lot of discussion on climate change and the responsibility that we as humans have towards the ecological processes in nature.

It is not new, it is an old dog, that has been reinvented many times. Many conservatives talk about climate alarmists, and people using these ancient ideas with no real basis.

Listen, it all comes, originally from the halls of Heliopolis. The great temples of On. Where humanism was born in Egypt.

Here the priests talk about the need for humanity to be the shepherds of the nature. If we are not responsible for nature, nature will crumble and wither away.

As I see it, nature is my own temple. It is when I wander the great forests of Galicia that I see G-d. Or when i skip over the tumbling seas at the horn of Hals, that nature enlightens me in the dance of the dolphins there.

That is truly when I see beauty.

This beauty of G-d and nature, will only be preserved and strengthened if man takes care.

This is why, I believe we should be those shepherds of nature, not uncaring.

G-d bless the rolling seas of mother nature, may she be preserved and strengthened.

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