4554545606_8f5d4b38d7_bTo truly understand the way of ecology, one first has to understand, that ecology is an ancient creed. Secondly, one would have to link these ancient ideas with metaphysics, or rather in the Anaxagorean mold, the combination of metaphysics with physics.

Because what is it really, all this nature on earth? It has existed in millions and millions of years and slowly developed to where it is today; an extremely complex system that envelopes our beautiful earth. Like a giant mind.

Because that is what it is; it is a living mind in the sense, that if G-d is intelligence, we are sparks of G-d, and this intelligence is induced into matter as soul. Then nature is a hive of intelligence.

Since nature is a complex organism, that interacts in numerous ways, in accordance to basic principles, you could argue, that we are just small wheels in the machine.

But we as men, are able to inflict damage to nature, or shape it to our wishes. Sometimes it is good, often it is the opposite. We do not understand the responsibility we have been given by G-d. We just, as stupid automatons, destroy what we do not understand. Creating barren wasteland in the wake of our stupidity.

Therefor, we should act as shepherds of G-d, understand the miracle he has given us, and be careful about it. Take care, so that the nightingale will still sing, and the crickets accompain it. So that the wind will still blow in the sails of the adventurer as he explores the beauty of nature. So that we as men, do understand that we have been given responsibility. To be shepherds.

G-d bless what we do understand as men in the great beauty of nature.

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