There is a lot of turmoil in the Middle East, but if you look a bit beneath the screaming and yelling, as it has always been in that illustrious part of the world, we can see, that the deeper structures of the conflict are actually aligning quite well.

The main event is actually the cooperation between Russia and the US, potentially an international peacemaker. You can say a lot about Putin, but one thing is sure, he is, at the bottom of his hearth, a good man.

We should remember this when we try and paint him as a villain and a warmonger. He is strong, but he is not a bad man. He is a republican in a Russian mould, but a nice one.

The other significant event, is the fact that the palestinians have been rioting for some time now, and has gotten nowhere. That is a sign, that Israel is less threatened. The peace that we are able to forge is coming, slowly, in waves back and forth, but always in the right direction.

In Israel, we just need to keep our heads cool, and stop the violence. If the palestians continue their offensive behaviour, well, then we simply have to separate them from Jews. How this is done, is up to Netanyahu, but it has to be done civilised.

Do this, and the threat will stop, and a permanent solution can be installed.

G-d bless the beautiful land of Israel.

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