the_ring_of_the_nibelung_by_gromyko-d5awdmkGermany is wavering on the brink of destruction. The far right is waiting for the state to fall, and the state is totally unprepared for the violent onslaught on its institutions.

You could say, that it is well deserved, but to me, a sinner is not a word to be used. What we need to do is to help each other.

This situation is a result of one single institutional process; that of taking too little care of the ressources of the state. The state has been seen as an endless ressource, able to feed all, and create security for all. This is not the case. There are limits, and the limit has been reached.

There are a number of tool that can be applied. But you need to make one thing absolutely clear; if the situation is not put under control, the state will fall, and something or someone else will take over.

So, in order to make the state stand, you need to invest in security. Both police forces as well as military.

I know that many see this a refugee crisis that we have to solve and use all we have for the poor migrants. I concur, my own father was one of those people fleeing from Bangladesh when the war was there in 69, but there are also those in the migrant flow, that have no good intentions. So they rape and pillage.

You need to tackle both challenges, be kind to those who mean us no harm, preferably in the vicinity to their homeland. And then fight the IS fighters and other extremists among the refugee train.

The borders of Europe is reinstated, and thus EU will fall. But we still need to help each other out. Support each other, as we do here in Denmark, the best we can.

Come on Angela, be bold, solve this crisis, otherwise the German state will collapse, and that would mean one thing; chaos, and the bad man thrives in chaos.

G-d bless Germany.

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