Middle East

There is a lot of genius in the strategic considerations of the sunni rebels we are fighting. We should not underestimate them.

First the flooding of Europe by both IS fighters and hapless refugees is a stroke of genius and tearing Europe apart. Supported by liberal media, this is a huge blow to the West.

Secondly, the uprooting of the democratic states we sought to strengthen and support in Northern Africa is also going their way. Still we have Egypt, that is a stalwart supporter. They are civilised there, and Egypt is so much than just a Sunni muslim state. The pharaoh of old are stil whispering there, and we should respect them for that.

The latest stroke of warfare is also a stroke of genius. Downing a Russian civil jet is not only a blow to Russia, but also a blow to Sisi. This is devilish in its genius.

We have to counter this by understanding the plot. The plot was to weaken the Egyptian economy. If Egypt looses its tourist revenue, it will suffer tremendously.

So, as a Muslim country, trying to find a new democratic role, I think we should support Al-sisi even more.

One thing we could do, was creating safe passages for our civil jets, so that another jet will not be downed. It should be pretty easy.

Then support Sisi economically as well as in arms. He is fighting our fight, and we need to support him.

Concerning the refugee crisis, nothing will be solved before the EU system has failed, then there will be individual solutions to the problems, hopefully all within civil rights. Some states might fall, we will see.

But we should not underestimate our enemy, it is impressive how it, with few means manage to fight us.

G-d bless the will to find peace, in the end.

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