delacroix-libertyIt is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I write this. I just knew, that it would happen. I have been planning for this for years and years. But now when it happens, it makes me feel inadequate. I should have done more, why could I not stop this.

But, the point where it could have been stopped passed forty years ago, when I was so small I could not even talk, so it was not my fault. It was the fault of my parents, the 68´ths. We are paying for their ideas today.

So what to do? Well the human mind is slow in realising the actions that would make sense in a rational universe. It is mostly the feelings that talk. And that is mostly good, but faced with this mayhem, feelings are not what we should think about, we should be rational about it, and do what is the wisest thing.

The first thing we should realise is the fact, that unless we turn the migration wave around. That is getting more migrants out of Europe, than getting in, Europe is doomed.

It is a simple as that. If we do not do that, there will be no more Europe. There will be a new Middle East where Europe used to be, filled with all he usual infights the Middle East is comprised off. Some may like it, but I do not. Do not take me wrong, I love the Middle East, but I do not think it should engulf all of Europe.

So how do we obtain that goal; getting more migrants out of Europe, than in?

There is only one answer, and answer that we have dreaded all along; force.

We can use money, we can use bribery, religion, ideology. But at the end of the day, we are forced, as all other in nature, to be strong, and use force.

As the Middle East and the rest of our close countries are progressing, the need for jobs and shelter will not decrease but increase. So the pressure will increase as well. We have to be honest about this.

The only thing that will protect European culture and civilisation is an increase in arms. If we do not do that, we will die.

Already Sweden is on the brink of death, they say that themselves quite openly. In a few years, the system will have been brought to corruption, and the jungle law will have taken over.

As the Islamic state is using our own stupidity and insecurity, we should be honest about the threat and prepare.

There is still some lag of understanding in many layers of society. But be serious about this, and we will turn the tide.

We are entering Armageddon, and it is time for the warriors of light to line up, and stear down the faces of the sons of darkness. If they are not heeding the call of the silver trumpets, they will fail on this final day of warfare.

So rise, all ye warriors of light, prepare your spears and glorious armour. Because darkness is here, and only by the fierce strength of the arm of the warriors, will light increase and not decrease.

G-d bless the peace that is at the end of this long, long tunnel, and may spirit bless all the victims of beautiful France. We mourn with you, truly, truly, as we cry for your wounds. G-d bless you, may yo be strong and fight!

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