Kaulbach_Destruction_JerusalemPeople are asking themselves these days; how did we end up here? With war on the soil of Europe. We did all we could to hinder this development, to the extent that we sold all we had to reach that dream of a borderless world, where all would live in harmony.

Well, as all other dreams, dreams are not realistic. They are often based on false premises and therefor end up in nightmares. As this one.

Do not get me wrong, I know the 68´ths, my mother and father were 68´ths, and I grew up with freedom, creativity, tolerance and so on. The problem being, that even though the ideals are good, the implementation sucks.

You cannot create a peaceful world, if you do not accept the simple fact, that beneath the civilised society lies the rule of the strong. As in any basic book of philosophy, the reason we have the police, is to protect the weak against the strong. Thereby making a just world.

If you take that protection away, as you have done in practice in Europe, you will reinstate a world where it will be the strong that will tyrannise the weak. Tyranny, remember, the world we sought to get away from after the second world war.

By lowering our defences, we have let in a new Hitler, a new strong man. This time it is not national socialism, it is islamism. Muslims who fight for an Islamic state.

So do we just sit there and accept that the Islamic state murders innocent people, of cause not! We have to realise, that in the material world, there is both good and evil. If we do not support the good, and fight the evil, well, as a simple equation of cause and effect, we let evil win.

No religion has ever preached a gospel where evil should win. No religion, on the contrary, all religion is exactly about fighting evil, and letting good win. You can discuss your methods, and here religions differ. But, all agree that you cannot accept the dark lord and his minions to rule over all the world.

So what we can, and should, discuss is exactly that; the methods. What methods are adequate in a fight against IS. We have all agreed that bombing them in Syria and Iraq is an adequate response. It saves lives of western armies, and leaves the dirty work to people who have their own freedom to win it by.

But in Europe, there will be no Peshmerga guerilla group to do the land fighting, there will be only Western police and military.

So the natural answer will be to give them the job of fighting the IS, as we do.

It will be a long and gritty war, and it will encompass all of the West. Once again American and Russian boots will be in Europe, once again it will be an existential fight, won only if we invest all we have.

But this time, we should prepare for the end result of the war. It should be a more enlightened, more free, more democratic, more fair Europe, that will invite in the Jews, and create a world where science and faith will work hand in hand. It should be a world peace, that should last, not just 50 some years, but as long as in the US or Russia. A strong but benign Europe.

But in-between this preferred result, and now lies, Armageddon.

G-d bless the peace we will win, in the end.

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