Mr. Netanyahu and I are rarely in agreement, it has come to the point, where mr. Netanyahu sometimes does things, just because I have the opposite intention, at least sometimes it seems like that. But there is no discussion, that we absolutely agree upon the goal; making a safer Irael and realizing the potential of Israel not only as the home of the Jews but also as a project of peace. Thereby striking a balance between left and right in this millenium we are living in now.

Now mr. Netanyahu is in problems, and it is, partly my fault. I recommended a strategy in the last Gaza war, that excluded total annihilation of Hamas. I did it because it would have torn the world into pieces. Stopping the onslaught gave the international public room for the acknowledgement of the problems in Iraq, and thereby buying Israel precious time to regain some support internationally, giving Israel a wide berth in actions by Europe and the US. Otherwise the International sympathy would have ended with Hamas, and we, not only Israel but also the West in general would have been doomed.

Now we still have a fighting chance.

Politics is all about balancing things. Mr. Netanyahu is doing that very well. Being a wise leader. Sometimes we disagree, as on Iran, but I think we should all recognize his skill.

Therefor I think it would be very unwise to topple him now. It is not the time, we cannot afford the turbulence, and we are still too weak after the last war to make another. We need time to regain our footing.

So I support mr. Netanyahu, not because I agree with everything he does, but because he does it very well, and we cannot afford to loose him.

G-d bless Israel.

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