Mr. netanyahu

Considering the fact, that there is a huge gap between the liberal part of Knesset and the conservative, I should like to ask the liberal part to understand why mr. Netanyahu is doing what he is doing. The reason why he has to give the conservative part such a huge amount of realization of projects, is partly because the conflict between Gaza and Israel has entered Israel proper, and partly because he gave us a huge recognition during the war. Lieberman wanted us to enter Gaza and “finish the job”, that is use ground troops to hunt down all the factions of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Netanyahu did not do that, mostly because I really went against it. I did it, because it would have given us so much bad press, that it would have endangered the very existence of Israel. We live at the mercy of Europe and the US. That is the way it is, if we make too many enemies in this part of the world, we will seize to exist. The entire endgame for Hamas, PLO and so on, has been to make the public put so much pressure on their leaders, so that they would leave Israel.

Now, this has been changed, mainly through the work mr. Netanyahu and I have done together, to protect Israel. But it was a close call, and if we had lost the last war in the media, we would have lost the foundation Israel is built upon; the goodwill of the West.

But now, due to the acceptance of my stance, he has a lot to regain from the right. He has to pay back the debt he has, because he helped us. Now, this is why I believe we should stop all the yelling and fingerpointing. Yes the right gets a lot of things these days, but we got the largest part in the war. So he is trying to add up.

So please, give him some room, her earned it.

G-d bless Israel.

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