Right now Europe is fighting itself. On one hand we have an aging population, on the other hand we have a centralized government, that is so out of touch with its constituency, that Byzantine rulers would have been paragons of virtue compared to the enigmatic bureaucratic rule by Bruxelles. It is actually truly fighting its own voters! Have the world ever seen anything like that before? To me it has become so desperate, that it is a kind of embarrassing to use too much energy on, and, after all, all the projects that I have commenced; the rebirth of the nation, the rebirth of the church is coming around, and is slowly pushing the eurocrats over the cliff.

I am not saying that I am perfect, and I am not saying that the ideas I have are without dangers. The Ukraine conflict talks for itself. But I am saying, that my ideas are a way forward. In fact, right now, it is, more or less the only way forward.

As my project ripen and blossom, Europe will meet new dangers and new challenges, but instead of being afraid of Change, perhaps we should embrace it. Russia is pointing towards Europe to solve the upcoming cold war. Why? Because we do not have the muscle to do it, but we have some of the intellectual traditions that might do it. The Conradian humanistic tradition, the Grundtvigian tradition, all the intellectual supremacy that comes from having tradition.

We have not become a power of material virtue, we have, somehow become a power of spiritual and intellectual virtue.

We should embrace that, I believe, and pursue that path of glory, not as in olden days with deceit and cunning, but as what we can see really helps; honesty, political development and leadership in a ethical sense.

We have that potential, and honestly that would serve the legacy of ancient culture much beautifully than the corrupted eurocrats.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancient european prophets, that cry for attention.

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