Well there is an upcoming election in Israel, that is extremely unfortunate. There are so many conflicts in and around Israel, that an election right now is not exactly the best of times, but on the other hand, it has happened. I hope the elections will be speedy and serious, so that is may be realized into something that will last.

Why have we come to here? Because the needs of the right is too long away from the needs of the left. The left sees the proces through a lense of socialism, racism, and peace. The right sees the world through a lense of protection, national unity, and gain in terms of territory.

These different perspectives are very difficult to convene, you need a true king to do that, and there is only one.

But, we need to be careful, I will try and steer the peaceprocess into a constructive stream, and supply the election with enough support, so that Israel will not enter the war while in disarray. But this will be extremely difficult, because of all the threats.

Luckily my influence is materialising, so now I am actually able to speak to people, this will hopefully enhance my ability to create a viable solution in the Middle East.

But I need to be sharp on this, otherwise things will be extremely difficult.

G-d bless Israel.

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