There is a lot of conflict within Israel, let us have a keen look on what it is all about, and to me, these conflicts are not alien, we have the same problems here in Denmark, and perhaps some of the ideas we have had here, could be used in Israel as well. After all, we are fighting the same people here as in Israel; Hamas, Hizt-ut-Tahrir, violent islamists who believe in the supremacy of the islamic state.

If we look at the theoretical and historical roots to the conflict between right and left, it all comes down to the discussions right and left had in the conflicts ANC had with the white majority rule in South Africa. De Klerck was truly a racist, he liked whites, and he despised blacks. In a world where race has become a discussion forfeit, this had no support in the international community, and was prone to fall.

It is exactly the same conflicts the right and the left are having right now in Israel. The right are working down Apartheid lines, and as in the Apartheid days, the left adamantly refused it. Mind you, it was actually many Jews who, on the liberal side, supported Nelson Mandela.

With an afroamerican/caucasian president at the helm of the US, these strategies may not be the best in the relationship between the US and Israel.

So, in effect, making a racist policy today is the same as open suicide internationally, add to this the history of Nazi Germany and the persecution of Jews due to exactly the same reasons, well the international community will be outraged if the policies are implemented.

I am a Jew by blood, ok. This is not about defending people who are not Jews by blood, it is about the political situation that simply is unviable if Israel continues with this policy. The international backlash will be too severe, AIPAC or no AIPAC.

But, we still have a really difficult problem, and that is the violence of a too open society. What happens is, that too many cultures are mixed, and eventually some culture answer to the sword or another political system rather than the democratic system we have inherited from the French revolution.

A democracy must defend itself from internal as well as external dangers. External as in other states that are on the land grabbing mission, and internal if someone tries to overthrow the democratic order. That is law, and the rule by the people.

This is exactly the mission by the Islamic state and Hamas, and also Islamic Jihad. They seek to overthrow Israel as the state of the Jews, in a political sense.

If they succeed, we will see the same as in Syria and Iraq, a state where Sharia law presides and the caliphate is introduced again.

This is unacceptable, and should therefor be fought vigorously. None opposes this stance, and it would be a viable solution for Israel, because it does not touch upon religion in any way. It is solely about political order.

Off cause each people can have its traditions and personal rules, but the rule of the country is solely defined by its democratic laws.

Islamists must therefor be expelled and must loose their citizenship. Otherwise, how are we to make a political order, if the citizens want another?

Use this method, and you will not lose the support of the international community.

G-d bless Israel.

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