Cyrus_Cylinder_frontThe election of Israel is starting, and a lot of hopeful contesters are jumping into the fray, some adamant at defending Israel, some adamant on finding peace.

It revolves, right now, around two issues. One is Iran the other is Palestine.

Both are actually difficult to solve right now, and will, most probably, not be solved in the near future.

But, there are movements, especially on the Iranian side, where Rouhani is the best president Israel could ever have hoped for.

We talk about understanding and truly defining the things as they are. But I think it is also a matter of the Middle East world getting used to Israel again. For two thousand years Jews have been away. It is like the great, great, great, great time two hundred grandfather moving into a house he left two thousand years ago, off cause getting used to each other takes a little time.

But, there is no doubt, that Israel and the Middle East are linked, and i hope, that the Middle East really sees Israel for what it truly is, when everybody have lowered his or her defenses against Israel. In a way, Israel also has to find its won feet in the new situation.

Israel is the heir to the tradition of defense of the Middle East. In the beginning Jews were a mix of photo scandinavians and semitic people. This gave a very hard-nosed attitude, and a lot of progress in the Middle East, and it gave Jews the banner as defender of the values of the Middle East, as in the fights against the different tribes around the first Israel, the fights against Syria, Babylon, Greece and Rome. With the intelligence of the semites, and the fighting power of the danes, an extreme mix of both intelligence and fighting prowess was created.

We were the ones everybody looked upon when someone came and tried to conquer the Middle East, add to this a very important vehicle of progress; Jews gave the world monotheism with Moses, Jews was an intricate part of the Middle East, and is becoming it again.

There is one obvious gain to the Middle East with the return of Israel to the Middle East, and that is the fact, that the progress the Middle East lost after the Romans conquered the Middle East, may return again. I know, that things happened after the Roman wars, but truly the ME, or the code of civilization that started in Eridu in Mesopotamia lost its steam when Rome conquered the Middle East. If the Middle East sees Israel for what it is; the central ingredience missing in its own development, it may start that progress again.

That is new ideas in religion, science, political order and so on. The traditions are there, so the possibility to rap up the progress again is also there.

Now, Iran has truly lowered its defences, because Iran can see, that Israel may be a part of its own development. As when Cyrus freed the Jews from Babylonian captivity, we may see the advent of that humanistic and Zoroastrian spirit again in Persia. Why? Because this is what Persia truly is; a world power when it comes to philosophy.

It used to be like that, and it should like that again. It will not be easy, but we should try, to regain the honor of Persia, Syria, Egypt, the Arab nations, Babylon and Uruk.

G-d bless the wisdom of the ancients.

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