imageI am very lucky to be in Oxford right now, to a conference focusing on the welfare of the world. With specific focus on ecumenical work and of cause peace.

The conference is in the old church of Oxford, so there is actually a lot of ambience, and even though it is old, it is also a great and living church with a lot of interesting things happening there. I have made some new friends, especially people who are genuinely interested in spiritual and philosophical subjects.

A lot of people are coming from all around the world, among them people from Malaysia who seek inspiration for their problems of government and development.

So we are in a position to find work as philosophers and states or grand religious leaders are able to find philosophers. Good for all.

Oxford as a city is a Roman imperial college. It looks like Rome, it teaches the curriculum of Rome, and it has Latin names. So it is a renaissance Roman city. I thought England was less influenced by Rome, but obviously, being a former roman colony, the roman civilization has really found roots here.

I tried to convince the learned audience about my proof of G-d, and they really liked the process, but were a bit critical about the proof itself. But, I suppose it does not matter much. The impact on the world is already there, and philosophy is not always about the acceptance at the university, but basically about the movement of the people on ground. But, at least they read it, and did not throw me into a lunatic facility, so I suppose they accepted it at some level.

Hopefully I will be able to launch a wider discourse on philosophy and statehood with more of the participants. But we will wait and see about that tomorrow.

G-d bless you, and may we all find salvation.

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