Israel and Iran

There is an upcoming election in Israel, and just for the sake of clarification I think it is of a vital importance, that Israel sees the process with Iran as it is.

Before the last war with Gaza, we were actually on a path of peace with Iran. This lead to a serious disarmament of Iran, in return of very little reduction of the restrictions. So in the calculations of the Israeli politicians this is explained with the argument, that the sanctions really worked.

Well if you listen to what the leaders are saying in Iran, and they have no reason to lie, the actually say, that they care very little about the sanctions. Well, since the main export is oil, and it seems to me, that there is a market for it, why should Iran care so much.

No, the reason why Iran has agreed to reduce its atomic arms program, is because they are religious people and according to all monotheistic religions, peace is the aim of their religion. Because this is how the realm of G-d is.

So, I firstly stopped mr. Ahmadinejad, and then we initiated a process of peace. This is why we are where we are.

I understand it, when Israel tries to stop the peaceproces, and I really understand that the ongoing negotiations in Gaza seems fruitless. Well they have carried fruits, but very toxic fruits, and we are afraid of them.

But Iran is, so far a different case, and they have showed that with reducing their own capability to produce weapons.

Israel does not want to participate, due to fear and because basically Gaza has become a business of demoralizing the international community towards Israel.

My point is, if Israel conclude, that the status quo of sanctions towards Iran is the only way, well this is based on a false argument, and will not lead to any peace with anything.

I carry Israel on my shoulders right now, and my shoulders are not that broad, I just hope that Israel recognize this fact, and sees the situation for what it is, instead of seeing things as we wish to see them. This is too dangerous, the situation taken into consideration.

G-d bless Israel, the home and protection of Jews.

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