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pledge_flagIt seems to me, that mr. Trump has already given up. That was a short fight!

I mean, I hoped for a prolonged, pitch battle with new weapons and new attacks at the ready all the time. But just one week!

Well, that gives us the answer to why mr. Trump is unfit for a presidential role, winning a presidential election is a like a battle, it takes heavy weaponry, and a keen skill on tactics to win.

But above all, it takes an ability to work for hours and hours, stick to the plan and rock on.

You could see this with mr. Kerry, that made one of the most prolonged pitches for the presidency, but still lost. Just to have a comeback as state secretary. That is how you fight for a presidency.

But, at the other hand, the barrage of mr. Trump, that is name calling and trying to pull the candidate down into a mud fighting, has no effect on a candidate that actually tries to win at other parameters. Such as winning the fight over the Middle class and the blue collar voters.

Whereas mr. Trump has had to engineer his political catalogue as a political hotch potch including different parts of the party, ms. Clinton has had the ability to engineer it to meet voters demands.

The race is not over, but the initiative has now been given to us. So we need to get into attack gear and release some of the positive ideas we have. Such as in the realm of race equality.

I believe, that the most important part of the next presidency will be to try and mend some of those negative feelings that the rise of IS has had on the public.

When a bar full of gays is targeted and people are mowed down in Nice, people get scared. Their worry has to be heard. But at the same time, we need to stick together as a people, or rather the American people has to stick together.

This is done by highlighting not the differences, but what we have in common; civil rights. The fight for a just and equal society, where all have chance to make a living and fulfil their dreams.

G-d bless the will of the founding father, including rev. Martin Luther King.

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