The gift of G-d

ezekielI have the slight feeling, that the current Democratic nominee is powering up a Middle East envoy and a strategy that is more or less Oslo peace treaty wise.

This is a huge mistake. If that is the case, then it will fail as all the attempt done before has been fails. Lately the try of mr. Kerry.

Mr. Kerry is a very intelligent man, with a drive like a bull. He could not do it, a Hillary Clinton administration cannot either. It is just not possible.

I will tell you why. The Middle East is the cradle of one very important part of our civilisation; religion. All three monotheistic religions comes from the Middle East; Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

So any attempt at doing anything in the Middle East must address this basic premise. That is; what is the religious angle?

Since the Oslo accord never has done this, it has failed.

This is the new angle mr. Obama and I tried, and succeeded with. Look at the Middle East; it is at peace.

Look at it, and tell us, that we did not succeed.

Now there was once a wise that told me about a small axiom; if it work, don’t fix it.

If you zoom out a little on what Barack and I have done in the Middle East. We have brought peace not through negotiations or trying to make dialogue. We have done it through a religious development, steeped in a Jewish prophets ideas. Namely the late rav. Ashlag. One of the main teachers of Kabbalah judaism. Yes, there are actually still Jewish prophets around, they are just a little hidden. But they work their magic anyway.

So through his ideas, that has been to try and make a spiritual and metaphysical basis of all three monotheistic religions as a project of Israel, we have made peace.

Yes there are still smallish fights here and there, and there is still IS. But the commonality between judaism, Islam and Christianity has never been better. It has come to the point where the Shiite actually sees his eminence pope Francis as a great friend, imagine that.

This is how you make peace, not by bending wills.

This is the legacy of Obama, and this is what you will truly miss.

It is extremely huge in its implications. And the next president of the United States of America has to bring this legacy on.

This is not to be condescending, it is just to lay out the land for the next president, and explain what Obama and I have been doing. We can, if we expand on these ideas truly make peace. Because, it is not about the method, it is about the aim. And the aim is peace, as we have given in the holy land as a gift of G-d.

G-d bless the wisdom of the Jewish prophets.

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