Omar Marzouk

Well the corruption, and the open cooperation between the different state institutions and The Muslim Brotherhood is now reaching even more absurd heights here in Denmark.

Remember how the secret police invited a sharia spuming Mullah the 9/11? Well, another state institution is openly collaborating with the enemies of the state.

I did send a mail with a complaint to the state institution. That is the state-owned media behemoth DR.

I knew from an article made by a journalist Helle Merete Brix, that the rock band Outlandish was officially connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, and I asked them for an explanation as to why they condoned the band, and, at the same time, asked the for an official apology for calling me a jew and psychic sick in the same sentence.

The consecutive actions of the state media, and the process of the complaint was actually quite interesting. I suppose my complaint was sent to a Muslim employee of DR. He went ballistic, and my friend Firoozeh Bazrafkhan started to provoke him.

In the end, very interesting informations were unearthed. It was revealed, that the employee; Omar Marzouk, an Egyptian by birth was a direct supporter of The Muslim Brotherhood. He even had written it on his Facebook! It was quite easy to see for everybody who wished to see. Incredible, I mean, if an employee had officially supported the Nazis or the Fascist. Would he at least not try to hide it, if he had a leading role in the OFFICIAL state media? Obviously not.

My complaint was duly ignored by DR, for over three weeks. The secretary send numerous “reminders” to the editors, but they simply chose to ignore my complaint. In the complaint I told them, that I would send the issue on to the Egyptian authorities, since we are talking about a terror organization, and Egypt is very much interested in fighting these terrible church burners.

I even send an article where some top officials in The Muslim Brotherhood threatened with terrible sanctions if they were not reinstated in Egypt as power brokers.

DR simply does not wish to enter into a dialogue. Simple as that.
This off cause leaves me no other option than to send the ball on to the Egyptian authorities. We need to tackle The Muslim Brotherhood at their base. Today it is not Egypt, but London and Denmark.

Their most powerful ally is the state media, whom they are employed by.
The most obvious target is Omar Marzouk. He is the machinator of the Brotherhoods more or less genial programs at DR. He is easy to find on the internet.

My recommendation would simply be to find his quarters in DR and sabotage it. Preferably in the night. This would break the alliance. Egypt are welcome in the fray, and Saud I Arabia as well. It is quite easy, the security is laid back and lax, and no one internationally would come forth and defend a traitorous organization as DR collaborating with The Muslim Brotherhood and possibly even Al-Qaeda.

G-d bless the will the fight another day, as you target the enemies of democracy.

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