In the course of the peace process in the Middle East, I strongly wish all the participants to remember why we do this. It is because we want to change the course of the Middle East, and find a more prosperous path.

The skill and the wisdom of the Middle East is amazing, if it finds ways and paths to excel. The constant warfare and fighting brings only destruction.

After peace, the chance of material and intellectual progress is large. The resources are there, the skill is there, all we need is the right frame of mind.

Take Egypt. Compare it now to what it used to be. The country is on a better course, the possibilities of progress is there. And it was done through the agents of the state in unison with the people.

The Egyptians are and old and wise people. By digging deep into the treasures of the past, a new course is possible.

It is the same with everybody else in the Middle East. The past is so filled with ideas and wisdom, so by connecting to the classical ideas, a new and much more progressive Middle East can emerge.

We are talking about the cradle of three world religions, if the people in the cradle have the time and the energy to look at themselves, and rejuvenate, the world will be a better place, and the Middle East will have the honor it longs for.

G-d bless the peace process.

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