Well, the Middle East is in progress. At least the wise Iranians are on the path of peace, and it seems to me, that the great Sunni Muslim country Egypt is also on the path of peace. We all agree, that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a viable player in the politics of the world, and we must realize, that they are not in it for us, but are virulent enemies of the West and the East.

By supporting Mr. Al-Sisi the West will realize not only democracy, but also a viable and serious partner. My feeling is, that Mr. Al-Sisi is a serious and intelligent man. He works in the interest of his people, and he can claim a great many supporters. I know there have been a lot of criticism on his handling of the Muslim Brotherhood, but truly, if they are the political wing of Al-Queda, as the Copts tell us. How are we to be pointing fingers. We gave Al-Queda a lot of heat after the Two Towers went down.

In fact, the most hard pressed player in the Middle East right now is Saudiarabia. The Saudiarabians are not enemies. They are working in the interest of their political system and their faith. I support this. The Muslim Brotherhood is the main antagonist of Europe, and this leaves out the Saudis. We can find a deal, as long as we have peace.

The peace process as such is not going backwards as it has done, but moving along slowly. It could speed up.

It all rests in the initiative of the Americans. Are they willing to set up shop, and make a true deal. Can they find a true balance between the interest of Israel and Iran. Are they dedicated enough to settle it all.

Processes are about initiative and momentum. We need to settle the conflicts and initiate a positive process. It can be done, if we truly strive.

G-d bless the initiative that will ultimately lead to peace.

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