IMAG0003Well, it has been at bit of a rush after the Ukraine situation evolved. I am, for one, very sorry about the process, I believe that we should have fared much better. But at the other hand, we still avoided nuclear war, so that is a very good thing.

So, we should return our gazes on Denmark again. Just to make sure, that the system does not indulge in antisemitic excess again. We have the case with Rakel, my two year old daughter that was tortured by the PET and the prime minister. Perhaps on orders form the Bruxelles bureaucrats. It is hard to say, we just know that she suffered.

It is absolutely absurd that a modern country can get away with something like that in the 21 century. But then again, Germany did the same sixty years ago, and the mechanisms are the same. The state organizes the persecution, and the public accepts it willingly.

The scale is off cause not the same as in Nazi Germany, not yet at least, and the open discussion of it here on Rubicon.dk has scared the …. out of the PET. This is a difference between the Nazi persecution and today. People do speaks up.

So, in order to quell the excess and joy of the secret service, the push and the constant discussion should evolve and continue.

I hereby invite all who are against the persecution of Jews to step in, and step up in the interest of humanity.

G-d bless the will to face evil.

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