Today Europe is on the verge of total economic collapse. The engines of growth are suffering, and the tools the bureaucrats of Bruxelles use are without any effect. Propaganda is just propaganda. You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Especially skilled and professional businessmen, they see through the propaganda.

What is the cure for this apparent malaise? Well to find a cure, you need a diagnosis. You need to understand what is wrong. There are several things wrong, but the main problem is the capability to innovate. Innovation is about idealism. Most new ideas are forged and refined by true idealists. They use all their time and money on some strange project, but all of a sudden this project turns into a new business.

Take the Apple computer. Here Steve Jobs, the archetypical business entrepreneur, wanted to make computers user friendly. As a consequence we are now typing away on truly magnificent machines that are…; user friendly. Or Elon Musk who have started all kinds of idealistic adventures in Business.

The list goes on.

How do you create the system or the frame around such geniuses? You give them freedom.

Freedom to create, test, find new ways.

This is the basic problem of the European Union, it is so over regulated, that all new initiatives are strangled in the waking. Add to this a circus of support administration of this and that, and the picture is complete; all just rearrangement of old ideas.

No new ideas.

If there is a new political idea, such as the ones I have made, they even start persecuting and trying to kill those with the new ideas. The European Union is all about status quo, or rather, the creeping paralyzation of all areas it touches.

To make progress again in Europe, freedom and security would be the first prerequisite, and then off cause some truly innovative people.

G-d bless the will to create.

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