imageFrom time memorial, from before we even recorded our doings, from when we first set our foot on the European continent one value has been the leading. One value have we put to our hearts, and fought for, in darkened woods, in battles at sea, with lives upon lives given to this ideal, now is the time to stand fast and fight once again.

We call it many things, liberty, freedom, to be unbound. But one thing is certain, when we feel that someone are trying to control our actions, and subdue our spirits, this is when we truly remember who we are, and what we are willing to die for; freedom.

Today there are two threats against freedom. One comes from the corrupters and machinators in Bruxelles, who see it fit to strip away our freedom day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. They do it behind our backs, in rooms filled with darkness, they take it away from us, when we look the other way. This has to stop, NOW! We will no longer be stripped from our birth right, we will not accept that someone who have no legal authority will steal what is most valuable to us, this is enough!

Second threath to our freedom comes from basically two sources, first is the most dangerous. Islamists, who take territory after territory, with deceit, with rape, with violence do they steal away our homelands. With no regard to the republic or democracy, do they nip at our freedom. Now we cannot go there, then we cannot go there. This is totally unacceptable. Second are immigrants who simply do not respect our ways, and our law. I call all, who are willing to die for freedom to sacrifice themselves to this high ideal given to us all down through our history.

Let not these two evil apparitions steal what is rightfully ours, our inheritance. If freedom is not guarded day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. Someone will come and take it away from you. This is what we are witnessing now, through deceit and back ally deals do they take away our freedom. Let us all unite, in the interest of our homelands, to give what we have, to be free.

G-d bless the will to fight for the freedom of our communities.

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