Law in Europe

Templar_Knight_in_Battle_Dress_by_angelfire7508One of the most beautiful items of European culture that has been disregard and abused, has been the law. We, as europeans have one of the most advanced systems of law, an equilibrium between the will of the people and the system of justice. Today the system of law, has been made into a tool for politics. This is sacrilege. Law was never meant to be a tool of politics, it was meant to be a guiding principle of the republic, of democracy. This is the corruption the European union has brought upon us; a disregard for the most vital principle of our mother and fatherlands.

Add to this a complete sell out by the secret services, so that islamists and other indigenous groups have been given major territories to their disposal, call them sensible zones, call the ghettoes, the fact of the matter is, that these areas are left to the strong to rule, or even worse left to sharia law. What happened to Roman law?

This is what we patriots stand up for; law. So that the police or in extreme situations, the military will uphold these lofty ideals of our forefathers. That none is above the law, and law is given to protect the innocent and the weak.

We as knights of the orders hereby give this quest of extreme importance on to all who wish to protect the little man, the youngling, the maiden of honor. To uphold the principles of roman law, wherever they see fit to extend and rule by the will of the nation.

G-d bless the will of nations.

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