dav_socLooking at the implications of the coming election in Europe, there are the two strategies of the nationalist/EU critical parties. One is to opt for mainstream acceptance, that is basically to accept the European Union and then work against some of its ideas. Two is rejection of the European Union.

To my mind, the first stance is both immoral and stupid. The second stance makes more sense strategically and it is absolutely the high ground when it comes to ethics.

Let us have a closer look on the political challenge of our beloved homelands.

The European Union is a plethora of individual nationstates. These nationstates differ widely in terms of political alignment, culture, language, religion and in the most terms that make any difference to cooperation. There is no single idea or motive for the citizens of the different nations to cooperate. Well, for the politicians it makes sense, because they can then create a means to be powerful in the international stage. Something they believe is not possible without some kind of pooling together of resources.

The method of cooperation is beyond any ethical limits that we normally define nationstates within. There is no democracy, only propaganda. There is no interest in the well-being of the citizens of Europe, only tyranny and abuse. There is no rationale that would propel the European continent to a better and more happy future. It is all darkness.

Why accept this horror? I makes no sense to me on an ethical level.

Then let us have a look on the EU on a strategic level. The only reason it is still in this world is because it has shed no means to corrupt, force and destroy. It is a behemoth on clay feet. Why is this so? It is because the European elite are well aware, that they do not have the support of the European voters for their enterprise, so they just use all the power they have to oppress and control the voters. They are in a direct confrontation. This is really the crux around what all evolves. The opposition between the electorate and the power machinators.

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If we look at the electorate, they, in all countries, become more and more nationalistic. So there seems to be no positive development, seen from the perspective of the EU elite. It is basically just a downward spiral spiraling more and more out of control.

We are reaching the limit of this development sooner or later.

This is why I have proposed a positive democratic development as an alternative to the machinators in Bruxelles. An honest development, in the interest of the people.

This is why I have fought for democracy, because I wholeheartedly believe, no, I pledge my life to the vision of Socrates, that he may live again, and Europe will stop this senseless destruction. So that we can give our world on to our children as something better, not just jump on the train of misery and applaud the decay.

Is this evil? Is this worth the unending and relentless persecution of my humble person by the EU state?

I say NO! I say yes to a viable, dynamic, happy, free Europe, where we are all able to live side by side as citizens of each our nation. This is what I have dreamed about and fought for. And to me, this is all that makes sense in any way.

G-d bless the nations of Europe.

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