If we look at the broad picture of the Middle East right now, there are tremendous work for the peacemakers, and some of the less enlightened keep on wrangling with their destiny in the material world. The gates of paradise are closing in on them as each minute goes. Lifes are thrown away without any sense, and the mechanics of tit for tat is ripe with bounty.

But, behind the scenes true missionaries for peace awaits. In general all who truly believe in Abraham and his descendants heed his ideas and work with diligence for peace. The makings of a new era is abound, and we will seize this opportunity with or without the help of the leaders of specific countries.

It is all about diplomacy. Some say that the pen is weaker than the sword, some say that the pen is stronger than the sword, but it will come to a realization some day.

We will continue the dream of Abraham and Moses, we will not accept the luring of the material world, and we will realize the advent of religion.

There are good things happening, and bad things, but it all comes to will of spirit, are we on his side, or are we against him? Do we think too much on our own needs or do we share and realize the unbound feeling of connection.

I do realize, that we have to protect ourselves against the warriors of darkness, but to what extent, to the extent that it just does not make any sense, especially if there are more wise paths to chose.

The reign of G-d cannot be stopped now, this is my feeling, no matter how much the leaders try to fight it.

This is just a dream, but that dream has a hold in many people of different religion, so that one day man will live in peace, without the need to destroy each other.

One day, mankind will unite as one, and shed the need to war and destroy, and if we realize that dream, we are truly the heirs to Adam, and not to Eve.

G-d bless the will to see clearly in this terrible, destructive situation.

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