In Ukraine we are putting pressure on the wrong parties. In the west we try to put pressure of Putin, and on the east we are trying to put pressure on the Ukraine government, and as Ukraine is supported mainly by EU and the US, the pressure is basically put on they west.

The fight is absolutely meaningless, and the pressure will not go anywhere. No one wants to start a Third World War now when people have started thinking, so the obvious conclusion is not to put pressure for this to happen, but to put pressure on our allies for them to go to the negotiation table.

The US needs to realize, that the Second World War and First World War is still so much in the imaginations of Europeans, that we will simply not enter another war. So we cannot be persuaded to pressure Putin. It will not happen.

The conflict will continue to exist until either one side has won, or a comprise is found.

Why not try the compromise? Is this not what peacemaking is about?

Through dialogue, find a way to solve the problems?

At least, this would be an ethical path to pursue.

G-d bless the will to find a way.

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