I suppose progress is two steps forward and one backwards. A few months ago everything just seemed rosy, and world peace was actually at hand, or rather, after the shift of American push policy towards the palestinians and the israeli, things have turned for the worse. Well I suppose the Ukraine conflict is also a spoke in the wheel. Russia is down in positive ratings, now Israel is down in ratings. Luckily the Vatican state is still running high, as well as the US.

Anyway, this calls for reflection, are we really heading for another cold war scenario? Or are these things just bumps on the road?

First of all, if we look at the political alignment, that defines who are really enemies, the alignment does not call for another cold war. Russia is not anymore the communist behemoth, but is actually trying to find its own roots, and rekindle its glory. So the antagonism does not dig that deep.

If we look at the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, it has changed in character, this conflict used to be a proxy war between the West and East. But as we speak, it is truly just a local war, but it has tremendous and devastating potential.

The new antagonism is between the world and what I have defined as islamism. Or rather it is between a renaissance Islam and the rest of the word. Islamist truly believe that Islam will rule the world.

This is only a part of Islam, and does not include all of the Muslim world. Recently the major Muslim states have drawn away from it, and that was actually the basic crux around which the first part of Mr. Barack Obamas presidency revolved. We tried to push back the radical version of Islam, and actually did it by pushing back Ahmadinejad, and supporting Mr. Al-Sisi. This gave a whole new positive progression within the Muslim world, and actually hope for progress both spiritual as well as materially.

There is only one ager dabei; the islamists are still here, and obviously they are not just going away.

This leaves the question; who are they, and where are they?

The movement started in Egypt with the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood Al-Banna, and the philosopher Qutb.

He decreed a world caliphate, and since then the Muslim Brothers have waged a savage war to realize this project.

In the beginning it mainly worked as a combined charity organization and secret war machine. This was opposed violently by the different democratic ruling military rulers of Egypt. They had a comeback, but was pushed back by Sisi.

In the meantime however, the movement, inspired a whole lot of organization and is today a web of organizations around the world. In Turkey Erdogan is an adherent, in Europe, the main organization hub is situated in London, but has arms in France, Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and so on.

These are underground infiltrators, and they work, cold war style; subterfuge, academic conversion, cultural conversion and the like.

In some countries they have come very far, Sweden is furthest, after that Norway, England, France. In some countries like in Denmark, France and Holland, strong opposition to the project have flourished. But it has been a fencing fight with the states as the opposition, not the islamists and the opposition, mainly because of fear by the states.

In Gaza, the local franchise of the islamist movement; Hamas, is just a little piece on a grand chessboard, and not the most important piece. The most important piece is in England, where the brothers have put up shop.

In the Muslim world, most people just want progress, but off cause they also have a slight affinity for their radical brother, after all they are kin.

This is where the Israeli comes into play. If we treat the conflict humanely and just, well then we will not push the rest of the muslim world away. But if we do it rashly and inhumanely, we will push the muslim world away from the peaceful path to the path of war.

See? It is not just about Israel, it is about the rest of the world, and the progress that can be either pushed towards peace, or towards war.

Israel is supposed to be the leader. It still is, because honestly, Israel as a state is not just seeing the greater picture, but some of us do. So we are Israel, and Israel that is not the leader, is just not Israel, at least not in the spiritual sense.

G-d bless the Israel that will judge, but not too rashly.

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