It is over time for dialogue to commence in Ukraine. What are we waiting for. As the situation stands, there is an opening by the European community to enhance and develop peace talks. There is an inherent understanding by all, that there should not be an escalation, and now some wise and intelligent leader should craft a compromise. It should reflect the interests of both sides, and it should be felt fine by both sides. Perhaps a solution where Lugansk and Donetsk have a range of rights within the overall frame of the state of Ukraine. This would reflect the true power of all represented, and be an honorable solution for all.

I call upon all responsible leaders to be fair and just. Do not think so much about your own needs, but about the needs of the citizens of Ukraine.

Decisive action should be commenced, true leadership should be shown, all in the interest of peace.

G-d bless the will of the humble citizens as the are put in terrible harms way.

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