The Third World War have begun. Rockets over Israel, repercussions in Europe, antisemitism going full scale crazy in France, terror attacks in Norway. We are all hit by the rise and desperate fight of the Islamists. It is as though they sense their downfall, and have decided to go down in a burning blitz.

Some good things have come out of the chaos in Palestine, or whatever you call it. The masks are falling, and Muslims adherent to the foul teachings of Qutb are rioting and showing that it is not just about Israel of Zionism, it is Jews. They hate, with all of the benign and distrustful souls, just hate the Jews. We cannot wear of stars of David, we cannot wear our kippas, we are hunted through the streets, our temples are sought desecrated. They want to hurt us.

So the action in Gaza have shown to the world who they really are. As in Egypt after the fall of the Muslim brotherhood.

Still the action in Gaza is not really working. Strategically it is a stupid war, we are loosing too many men, we are not fighting that wisely, but anyway, a beginning is a beginning.

Hopefully the Ukraine crisis will solve itself soon, it has too, there are other crises that awaits in the corridor of international politics, first and foremost the crisis in Iraq and Syria involving the threath of the decimated Christian/assyrian population. A fight where we have the moral high ground, and we can agree all to support the persecuted Christians.

Europe is going into flames as well, or rather there are signs. Remember, this enemy is not to be dealt with or negotiated with. They feel that they have G-d on their side, and will fight in his name, hoping to have redemption. They want to go to a Muslim Valhalla, and they are just about getting there.

Now, it will be interesting to see if all my plans are working, will we see the rise of the democratic nation again? Will all the players in the world follow trough on the valorous fight for democracy against the Islamists? Will we regain our freedom? Will our religious community bear fruit? Or is it all going another way.

I for one pray that the light will be lit, and we can go for a positive world, and not just go down into the fight that calls for action against reaction.

G-d bless our will to prevail.

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