The protective edge mission have come into its second week, and it has, more or less, happened as I said it would. The political capital of Israel is going down the drain, our leverage over Hamas is being fastly depleted, and the almost gone Islamist movement is actually gaining steam again. The Hamas/Muslim brotherhood/Quatar wing is gaining strength from being almost defeated, and even Iran is considering leaving its path for peace, leaving the entire project for peace that I and Obama worked for in danger.

First it was Kerry who thought he could make his own mark on the Middle East, doing more damage than good, and now it is Netanyahu who has the same ambition. Both processes are going in exactly the opposite direction of what it is supposed to. Kerry made more chaos, Netanyahu is endangering Israel not keeping it safe.

The goals of the protective edge is shifting all the time, because it was not seriously planned. If you want to deplete the ability of Hamas to fire rockets, you should not go in from the ground, because then you actually loose the ability to hit the rockets, Hamas knows where you are, and can just move the rockets somewhere else. They are fighting guerrilla style, so they are good at using the terrain to there advantage.

So the next really dangerous milestone we are fastly approaching is the possible rejection of Iran to make a deal on the atomic ability of its military machine.

Two things can endanger this proces. First the escalation of the Ukraine crisis, Iran is a part of the Russians bloque. Secondly a defeat, politically by Israel.

This would make the US so weak, that it would make no sense to make a deal anyway, so this would push the entire Middle East balance, because then Saudi arabi and Egypt would arm themselves.

All this because of the fallacy of the world leaders. Instead of actually doing what I propose, to their own advantage, they push on with hapless projects, shooting themselves and everybody else around in the foot.

Already so much support for Israel is lost, more will be lost. If we make a deal wit Hamas now, so much leverage has been lost, so they will have the victory. If we wait, the very existence of Israel will be endangered because the moral fiber will almost be lost.

You think you need my support, you have it, to my very final existence, and you will need it, when and if Israel makes a concession to Hamas, loosing so much, getting really unpopular around the world.

Well, we might as well hope for the best, I actually really hope Netanyahu pulls something positive out of this mess, but he will probably not. After that we will have to clean up the bloody, bloody mess.

G-d bless the will the understand and take care with the existence of Israel.

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