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The current situation in Gaza is like this; the israelian side is in want of time, the Palestinians can wait forever. The objective; to eliminate the threat of rockets firing has not been met. The objective of suppressing Hamas is not a viable objective, as of now they are much stronger than when they started, since I did isolate them politically, but due to headstrong and stupid actions by Israel they have gained ground again, talk about work wasted.

They are inflicting a serious defeat on not only Israel but the entire western bloque.

The Americans cannot wait that much longer, because if Iran is lost, and serious signs are appearing for that, the entire peace project involving Iran will be of naught. Four years of diligent work by Obama and I wasted. Another Ahmadinejad might appear, and there we go again.

So basically, what is it the leaders of Israel want? To eliminate Hamas? Well since half of its organization is not in Gaza, that objective is not possible to obtain. Is it eliminating the ability to fire rockets? Well, perhaps a better strategy than eliminating tunnels should be devised, after all the tunnels are not firing rockets. The rockets are hidden in numerous other places than the tunnels.

Perhaps it was just about trampling on Hamas in the vain hope they would somehow cave in and disappear. Well, since Hamas is not just an organization in Gaza or more detailed strategy should be devised.

All in all, there is very little time left, Israel cannot afford much more offensive action, and therefor a truce should be welcomed. But it will be very difficult to realize that truce, because Hamas can only benefit from prolonging it.

Well, years of work wasted, just because someone felt the urge to “do something”.

Next time, perhaps a little more thinking should go into the planning than just jumping on the best idea that appeared in the stressful sound of sirens.

G-d bless the wise.

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