Ok, I think the high command of israelian forces have realized, that going on as what we have done, is not working. Here are some reflections.

First of all, in warfare, the winner is the part with the best strategy it is not always about having the best gear of soldiers, you can turn a very bad situation into a good situation simply by using your gear better.

This we saw in Stalingrad, where the soviets finally beat the Germans. The Germans were much better equipped, had better soldiers, were technically much more advanced, but the Russians were using the terrain to their advantage, sacrificing soldiers at a terrible rate, and digging in on very good defensive positions. Sometimes the Russian soldiers did not even have a gun when they went into the fight. But it did not matter, because often they won over the Germans because the Germans simply could not stomach killing so many people.

So a disadvantage went into an advantage. The superiority in gear became an inferiority, because war is not just about killing people, it is about winning the initiative, having the stomach to fight on and so on.

The same applies for this situation in Gaza. Here the Palestinians are far inferior in terms of intelligence, logistics, manpower and so on, but they are ready to sacrifice themselves, and they are using their defensive position very intelligently.

So instead of redoing the battle of Stalingrad, we need to rethink strategies.

So, what are our weaknesses; we cannot stomach too many casualties, and we are in a very difficult terrain, where the enemy had really dug in.

What does this call for? A siege strategy. In effect we are trying to storm a town. Not an open land, so we need to think in terms of staying ahead of our enemy in a slow but unrelenting manner.

So, the equipment we have are basically developed in the First and Second World War. Especially the First World War saw a lot of first class innovation, the tank was an idea of that time, the helicopter and warplane a result of the second.

These wars were mainly trench warfares, where enormous armies were fighting over open land. So the machines are made for that; big scale confrontation. There were millions of soldiers in those wars.

This is basically why they are so impotent in siege warfare. They were not made for it.

This is why the new methods of fighting is slowly being developed; to meet the demands of the new strategical situation. Obama has already been using it for a while, and it is working.

So far, the robotic warfare is still very much in its infancy, so it is basically just hit and run jobs. You gather some intelligence, and you send a hellfire missile to do the job.

But new developments demand new tactics. Take another example. The Germans were, among other things, innovative in marine war. They developed a new type of boat, the U boat, or rather the submarine.

In the beginning they worked in teams, called wolf packs. The idea was to set up a squadron of ten versatile boats, coordinate, and then sink the enemy ships.

This worked very well in the beginning of the war, until the Brits got the radar.

But the wolf pack strategy is a good strategy to use with the new drones. Setup squadrons of drone controllers, and let them work in coordination.

This could be used in the tunnel warfare, instead of risking lifes, send in the drones!

This is not to minimize the importance of special services, we need feet and ears on the ground. But instead of risking a lot of men, risk a lot of drones.

This really turns our disadvantage into our advantage. Remember, our disadvantage is that we cannot stomach too many casualties. With drones we are free to roam, and can loose “men” or rather drones without problems. Thereby eliminating the edge the enemy have with their willingness to sacrifice themselves. I mean blowing yourself up to stop a little flying machine does not feel that cool.

The critical step in drone development is the armament of the drones. So far large drones are equipped with missiles. But smaller drones should be equipped with armament as well, something that can be used to hit with. It could drop a small payload in a form of a bomb or perhaps explode itself.

We need solutions on this, ASAP.

Then there is a weakness in the Palestinian enemy we have not really used yet; they are very easily bought. There are so many people living in Gaza who are either against Hamas, are a rival group or just in want of money, medicine or food.

Use this to find the rockets. Just buy the information.

Right now the right wing wants to continue the ground war, because they feel we lose if we redraw. The left wing wants to draw out, because they cannot stomach the losses.

We need to find a middle way, that middle way is, or could perhaps be what I have described; using the new war tech development in an intelligent way to turn the advantage to us.

Then, just an idea; enroll me in the IDF. I am a Jew, I am really needed in the central strategic discussion, and I may not be the choice of all members of the war cabinet, but I am chosen by something else, and we need to respect that. Me most of all.

We can turn the tide, but we need to be precise and work on the things that are to our disadvantage as well as our advantage.

G-d bless Israel.

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