Peace process

Well the peace process is not going very well. I hope mr. Shimon Perez have some luck trying to unknot the situation in and around Israel, but then there is the discussions with Iran, Syria and lately Ukraine.

All of these discussion are not going well, because the cooperation Barack and I had before the election is not working anymore. We actually really pushed the agenda quite far. That does not imply that I do not like Kerry, on the contrary, but the problem is, that as a team Barack and I really stood quite strong; the politician and the philosopher, that is a powerful mix.

But, let us try anyway. Listen, perhaps we could see the Syrian conflict as less as a conflict of superpower interests, and more as a conflict over territory. There are some ideological and ethnic alliances, as the Christians with the Alawi, and the Sunni. But what they are fighting for is lebensraum, or a place to put their security in place.

This means, that the end solution should reflect this fight. It is about carving out states for the different factions. Al-Queda is off cause not really welcome by anyone, because they are so absurdly violent, and, honestly, fighting a fight not really welcome in the Middle East, they should stay home and stop ruining the ancient capitals of Syria.

But if we could stop discussing the ability to fight, and start discussing who should live where, it would be a possible plan for peace.

Concerning Assad. I do not know, he, as all the other players in the war theatre, have blood on his hands, but that is how war is. You cannot fight a war without killing people. So, to me, he can have a position in the solution.

Then there is Iran and Ukraine. In fact, I do not know that much about the games behind the scene in Ukraine. But there is one thing I know, and that is; you should not pressure a world power too close to home. It is the same as the Cuba crisis. The Cuba crisis became so large, because it was just on the doorstep of the USA.

So I would be careful not to push too many buttons, but then again, still give support without insulting Moscow. It is a balance act.

Concerning Iran, her again it is a balance act. Too much pressure is counterproductive, too little is counterproductive. It is a matter of balancing it all out.

G-d bless the peace we might win.

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