France is a key in the development of the world. Somehow this grand nation seem to be extra good at the development of mankind. Yes it has a lot of vices, but the love of philosophy and the courage to change its ways gives it a key role in European and also worldly development.

Somehow Europe has done a comeback these last five years, I believe that everybody had written Europe off as an old boxer fighting its very last round. The vultures crept in to eat off the remaining meat on the carcass. But, as a bit of miracle, Europe has actually gained steam, and is rapidly changing these days.

As always, when it comes to Europe, the change is processed through a chain of very painful events. As when Luther changed Northern Europe, today the conservative movement is met with ridicule, attempt of murder and the worse. Just take Holland, and you would know what I mean.

This however makes the development so much more powerful, because it is garnered with drama and passion.

But back to France. Once again France is positioned as a political game changer. France is one of the most hard pressed when it comes to identity, immigration, Islam, freedom of speech, democracy, religion and so on.

But it also has a beautiful tradition of honesty and the fight for justice, as in the Dreyfus affair, where a Jew was falsely accused of spionage, and the young aristocratic officers rose to his defense, just because it was unjust.

We are talking about the sixth republic. But we need to understand what this is. When Condorcet and other philosophers made the basis of the first French Republic. Religion was defeated and cast out.

But now, it is returning. Religion has underwent a transformation from autocratic to progressive, in the sense, that religion now offers true positive solutions to a nation in crisis.

Where religion before was the reactionary force, today It has become the new solution to a problem forged by Condorcet in a way.

Why? Because a nation cannot live without religion. It goes all the way back to Abraham, and the story about sodom and Gomorrah. What was the point. The point was, that the nation without G-d will be corrupted and therefor fall.

In other words. The ethical questions religion discuss and try to teach people is the basis of the nation. You cannot presume that the nation will be virtuous, if the virtue is not tought. Who will teach about respect, care, love, justice, honesty and openness if not for religion?

G-d is love, and we all need to try to open up, and be a part of that love. The nation is the organisation that will, in material and ethical areas, support that quest for love. But the nation will on the other hand not survive in the long run, if it does have a mass of citizens who are honest.

Therefor, the sixth republic should be a democratic nation based on the virtues and the values of religion. With respect for all who believe in freedom and light.

G-d bless France.

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