imageIf there is one secret in political life I really need to share, then it is the secret of a theatrical group from Denmark called “solvognen”. The “sun chariot”, named after the chariot that carries the sun over the celestial realms and down into darkness to reappear again.

Solvognen made political happenings. When they wanted to make a point, they made street theatre. Hilarious happenings as giving away gifts, dressed as Santa Claus in a shopping center (they placed the gifts they distributed themselves).

This really grasped the imagination of the public, and together with Anders Gravers from the resistance, we reused this method.

The point is, you get very far, if you can put a smile on people’s face.

Politics is about being positive, find new, positive solutions to problems that face the society.

If you barricade yourself behind closed doors and bars, you may keep the territory you have, but you will not gain new land.

It is about being glad, and happy.

After all, being happy is the best way to reach love. Because then you are open and have the extra resources to reach across the abyss between people. Aristotle argued that happiness the ultimate virtue, but I believe that love is the ultimate virtue. Still happiness is all important.

Take the idea of family and marriage. Do we marry to control each other, or do we do it, because we hope to be happy?

Happiness of cause, we know we undertake a long journey together, but we hope, that we can carry through and carry each other through all the difficulties that we will meet on our path.

So, be positive, and you will gain new ground in the fight for a better world.

G-d bless the peace and joy we may find, in the arms of our loved ones.

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