The UN

The UN has critisized the Vatican Church. In some respects I support the critical stance, in other respect I think it is the worst politicking seen from that organization for a long time, it uses its clout and authority to force a political agenda, that it has no authority to do.

There are two basic political and ethical discussions in the criticism of the church. One is the abuse of small children. This I wholeheartedly support. Of cause small children need our protection, and should thus be supported and with all means, taken care off in all positive manners.

The second is the critical stance on gay marriages, abortion and contraception. These issues are political issues, issues that are regulated according to the law of the democratic institutions in each nation. It is therefore not within the reach of the United Nations. It is something citizens discuss all over the world, and are therefore something anyone should be able to have an opinion about.

Me for instance, I like gays, through my dancing, I have met many gays, and they are always nice and they are living in a difficult situation with a lot of prejudice and ridicule. But that is my opinion, and I do not need the United Nations to tell me what to think.

Therefor I really support a true diversion of the question into a political and an ethical part, and it should be seen as such.

G-d bless the will to see things in a clear light.

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