imageThese days the grand nation of Russia initiates the show of the Olympics. I have heard the introduction speech, and I am amazed by the principles that is laid forth, and the positive ideas that is projected by the officials of the game.

It is an awakening of the grand Russian project, and if the values that was professed at the opening are also really the basis of the Russian society in the future, perhaps a new Russia based on virtue and love will come into being.

Russia has travelled a long way, through the dark ages, through so many wars, so many sacrifices, and is always really looked upon from the outside with a bit of angst. Because deep down the rest of the world recognizes the powerful warrior that rest in the heart of the Russians, the Holger Danske embedded in the DNA of the great Rus. A vicious fighter you do not wish to meddle with.

This sometimes clouds the perception of Russia, and all the beauties of the nation, all the philosophy, all the positive striving. To the frustration of the Russians, who feel neglected.

I hereby salute you, may you prosper, and may your Olympic Games be infused with the spirit of the ancients, so that new courageous heroes will appear and propel the world into a stage of light, and the world will see the Russians as they are; the land with the people of not only a proud history, but also a grand and loving heart.

G-d bless the dwelling of the Rus.

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