Praying is one of those tools of the faithful, that is more than just idle past time.

We do it to be heard by spirit, and to change our lives.

Now, Christianity is very much on its heels in most of the Western world. I see this, and I understand, as a Jew, that this is a challenge for the West. Because without the beating heart of the culture, things demoralize and corrupts.

We need to understand, that spirit is a part of the way society should be understood. Because if we stop looking for goodness, what is left? It is the valiant fighters for good, both in the army and as a democratic force outside the army, that are the pillars of society.

Now, don’t get me wrong, goodness is always supposed to be understood in the situation, and should never be a cold truth. But it is something we should strive for.

Here again, prayer is the most important tool, why? Because it keeps us on the path of spirit, and on the path of righteousness.

How? Since g-d is what is good, then praying will let g-d inspire us to do what is good. And if he helps us, from time to time, then it will always be in a direction that will either heal or further the goodness of man.

So the more you pray, the better the environment around you will become. This is why we are demoralized right now. We do not have faith.

So, what should the church do? It should project faith, and seek to further beneficial solutions in society. Help, do good deeds, and inspire people to pray.

Because through prayer, all will be much stronger. The Christian church, the clergy, the people around the church, and the solutions good politicians do.

Strength in unity and prayer, is a main focus for all who see themselves as good Christians. I say this as a Jew, and to further the mission of Israel; to be a home for all monotheistic religions.

G-d bless the struggling Christians, and may they prevail.

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