Political development is 99% reuse of old ideas, and 1 % new ideas.

That is the way it is with all kind of political development.

Take the development of Democracy. It is a mix of law state that comes from Plato, that again comes from Hammurabi or Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian kings.

And a mix of the right of the citizens to be free. Again an idea that stems from ancient Athens, and the viking states here up north.

Free men on bikes, horses, boats or any kind of vehicle really have their ancestors, the vikings to thank for their urge for freedom.

Point being, that political principle is reuse over reuse over reuse.

Then, sometimes, a little extra i added to the mix. Like free trade, or my ideas of loyalty of the production apparatus and so on.

But compared to the idea of freedom and the justice of the law, these things are really small, small things.

We the people, is an ancient and tremendously deep beckoning, called by so many generations, that we have lost number.

We are just small, inferior holders of the light, compared to those who came before.

So to be a progressive, you need to stand on a firm foundation.

We do not go away from what the founders said or had of opinion, we, humbly, build on the edifices they raised with so much toil and through some very hard times.

That is a true progressive to my mind, not a destroyer, but a humble craftsman, building on the base of those who came before us.

This does not mean, we should not work with fervor and fire. We should keep that flame alive. But it does mean, that we should respect those who came before us.

There were some strong men and hopefully women who wrote those amendments, we need to hold them in regard and respect them.

Continue the work on that beautiful structure and valley of dreams.

Otherwise we will lose our perspective of what this is all about.

That would not serve us, we should be rebuilders, not the opposite.

That will propel us to a new world, where dreams are dreamt, and we remain most important of all; free.

G-d bless the will to be strong in the face of the challenges ahead, we will pull through, if we have faith in the dreams people before us dreamt.

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