Denmark socialist?

There has been some discussion wether Denmark is a Socialist country or not, meaning, if we are communists, why do we even have a say internationally. Since communism has been the scourge of the Earth pretty much.

Well to be honest, me myself, I am a conservative. I recognize some ideas of communism, namely progressive tax, the fight for equality between people, sexes and so on.

But I am a bible thumping, familiy loving passionate, patriot.

When I listen to music, my preferred go to is country music, and I really love the Mid West.

I also really like the workers, and strive to make a society, where they have a place. Dumping them under the bus, was, to my mind, a great mistake.

Then, my father was from Bangladesh, a migrant to Denmark. So you couldn’t really call me a white supremacist.

In other words, saying that some of the ideas that I have given to the US are communist, just doesn’t make sense.

Add to this, I have taken my mother’s Jewish roots, and now walk around with a star of David around my neck.

With such a melting pot of ideas and background, that I have been put into the world with. What I try to do, is to make sense of it all, and then I try to make a better world with what we have got.

This is not some high minded idealism. Yes off cause it is idealistic, but at the core, it is a lot of practicality. We have some problems, we need a way to fix them.

Socialism or communism is not Marxism. Yes Marx is a central figure of socialism, but before and after Marx, there have been many ideas, some good, some bad.

What you get with the Danish strand of thought is not Marxism. We are not dreaming of taking over the world. We are the janitors or craftsmen of the world.

We see a house that needs repair, and we start making repairs.

G-d bless the will to do good in this world.

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